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January 4, 2010 / Admin

Holophonic sound recording made the easy way!

Hey there,

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The reason why I’m writing this blog right now is, because I was amaized by the effect of holophonic sound recordings and I wantet to do something similar. I looked it up in the internet but found nothing that would let me do any recordings for under 2000$!

This is when I started thinking about what I could do to get a cheap solution for holophonic sound recordings and found this:

I got my old singstar microphones out and looked at how they were made. I found that one microphone was used for left audio channel and the other for the right, which was perfect for my application so I plugged them into my computer and was amaized that they were actually able to record holophonic sound!

So what you need for my Tutorial is:

  • a pair of old Playstation Singstar microphones with the USB connection (If you dont have a pair you can find them for cheap here
  • and a Computer

Step 1.

Download and install Audacity for free from here:

Step 2.

Connect your Singstar Microphones with your PC and Open Up Audacity.

Step 3.

Find an object that looks similar to a head. Now this might sound stupid but trust me this is one of the most important steps. I’ve used a big 5 liter water bottle, which i filled with sand to make it a little more sound-damping. Now make sure you tape one microphone to each side of your object and that they hold up.

Step 4.

Open up Audacity and select Your Singstar microphones as the recording device. Start recording and play a little with different sounds.

Any Questions? -> Reply with a comment!

PS if you don’t like this “patch solution” have a look at my Holophonic Sound Recording Kit!